Wednesday, March 7, 2018 | By Cassidy

Self, the appreciating or depreciating fodder and fuel of Ego, our subconscious definition of what is indeed ours and what is most certainly not; it is the compartmentalizing tool of our mind used in order to ease our understanding. Particularly in our individualized world there is a bolstering of Ego by an external expression of Self. I share therefore I am. This logic permeates so deeply into the up and coming generations that it goes without a second thought. If you don’t take a picture and blast it in every direction on social media then why did you go on vacation, were you actually there? Is it worthy of their Likes? It is in the superficial aftermath from which meaning is now drawn. While this is an extreme example of the logic of our generations, there is an underlying ironic cause & effect spiral. To always look externally for worthiness is an expression of individual Self (this is what I am, that is what you are.. am I enough?) however by placing all of our energy outside of our physical self in the superficial plane we lose internal meaning and become hollow. Ego does not like space, so that space is in turn filled with noise, bright lights, stimulation, fast cars, fun drugs, white picket fences, cubicle walls, and all else consumerism could ever imagine. These help to bolster individual Self, filling that void to make us whole again, yet they are all external and they all fade with time; {such is the law of nature; anything in the physical realm adheres to impermanence}. We then overextend, we place all importance outside of ourselves, further hollowing… Again the cycle continues.

This cycle is common across our planet, particularly in the ever-growing Western World. Many see that if they do not have a loud voice, shiny jewelry, or an over “liked” picture then they do not matter. It is time to end that cycle, it is time to dissolve the source of the thought pattern “I share therefore I am”.


I am.

You are.

She is.



If we are able to dissolve the walls of our definitions to know there is no deep difference between you and I, that we are merely unique expressions of the same source, beautifully shaped prisms shining spectrums of light in every direction, life would become lighter. Our external and entirely individual Self would dissolve, as our communal Self would rise. Sharing again would take deeper meaning; being the source of our soul, the driver of connection. With internal connection, connection to our Self, we can Love. With Love we find meaning. With meaning we need no thing. You are enough.

Lose yourself into our Self.




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