Web of Connection

Wednesday, March 7, 2018 | By Cassidy

Connection: Acknowledgement of unity

Communication: Vehicle of connection

Sharing: Driver of connection

Creativity: Byproduct of pure connection

Love: Purest form of connection


There is a Web. Wider than the World Wide Web.. One which transcends time and space. Laying just below the surface of the physical realm.. This spiritual web connects every and all; From the atomic level upwards. There are ganglia of the atoms which form together to create specific particles, people, and in between. Each of them is connected regardless of the distance; there are strings, veins, channels through which the electrical impulses of connection can pass, in the form of communication. Those, which are more closely connected, have stronger strings between them, by practicing communication we can always strengthen those connections. When connection occurs, if it is pure and the participants have ears to hear, there is a beautiful birth; creativity is created. This creativity can take any number of nameless forms. It is beyond reasoning where this comes from, beyond our ability to detect from where it arises, though it always does. Sharing is what drives our ability to connect purely and allows us to hear the beautiful creative byproduct as this phenomenon only occurs with deep listening.


Listen, Share, Learn.


Such is the way of the world. Creativity comes from connection, from connection to ones’ Self, from connection to One.


This Web is being weighed upon by the weight of the world. The Internet, the World Wide Web, is humankind’s expression of the spiritual web lying just below the surface of all. We put too much into the WWW, too much life into what is artificial.. If we do not begin again to strengthen the strings of the spiritual Web, the weight of the world will stretch each atom further and farther away from one another. Placing less importance on conscious connection is the downfall of our ever the more ironic world.




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